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This week we have Ella from Lifeologia doing the QuickTen. I could feel her passion just from reading one of her emails. Ella’s story is so inspiring and but I am sad she lives all the way in Canada (come to Australia). Ella has an Ebook coming out today- 16th November 2012 called Healthy Holidays.

Check out her Ebook and website HERE or head over to her FB Page.

Thanks so much Ella, you have a gorgeous spirit!



Where do you hail from? 
I live with my family; husband and 5 year old daughter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What was your motivation to change to a more pure life?
I always thought I ate healthy! I ate salads all the time so I thought I had it all figured out! 

But about 5 years ago, when I had a little newborn baby, I noticed strange symptoms with my body. I struggled to breathe, to chew foods and swallow. My speech began to slur when I would speak… at this time I was told it was Postpartum Depression and I was dismissed from the doctor’s office numerous times with higher doses of antidepressants. That year and a half was a disaster. I started to loose control of my muscles in my arms and legs, I could not even carry my baby. Eventually I was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular autoimmune illness called Myasthenia Gravis. But the diagnosis alone brought very little relief. My condition still couldn’t improve as there medically is no cure for MG.

I hit rock bottom and it was in that complete darkness in my life, while crying in my pillow that I don't want to live anymore… that I realized that I DON'T have to live like this anymore. I could change things…. I could change the only thing I still had control over – and that was what I put in my mouth. 
I decided I would try to change the foods I eat and this began my healing journey with food.

Green Juice or Green Smoothie? 
We make Super-Smoothies around here because I always like to add something awesome into my smoothies – beautiful superfood ingredients that hold special super-powers!

What is your favorite quote of all time? 
I think I have a new quote per week that I really like to focus on… but one really helped me for the last 10 years or so to first kick off my business – and then help my healing!  It's a very powerful – ready?

“First we form habits, then they form us. We must conquer our bad habits or they will conquer us.”
- Dr. Rob Gilbert

How do you keep yourself fit? 
Well, one of the tough parts about having a muscle disease (I'm not 100% cured) is that I can't do a great workout like I used to. My muscles get tired quickly and I don't last long… this often puts me down as it's really hard when your mind can't control your body. But then I remind myself that I can still do what I want I just have to work around it. 
I take frequent breaks and keep myself calm by focusing on deep breathing even if my workout is fairly light. I know that I still need to strengthen my muscles – it’s a longer process for me but I try my best.

Holy grail food?
Hemp seeds! 

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring?
My husband with his computer gadgets ~ there is power and access to the internet, right?
My darling daughter that makes me laugh so hard I get stomach workouts ;)
Hemp seeds!

ONE piece of advice for those just at the start of their change to a cleaner lifestyle.
If you want to live better, healthier – commit! Stick to it for at least two weeks to see results. 
I’m seeing that people expect instant gratification with everything and they loose interest too quickly and jump off the wagon too soon. Make the decision eg. cutting out wheat – stick to it for 2 weeks! You’ll see, you’ll feel so much better! Then leave it out. Move onto sugar… etc. ;)

ONE thing we didn’t know about you?
I’m a chocoholic!
I still consider myself to eat very little sugar. I have done a complete detox for 3 months with no sugar at all, even no chocolate) I passed that, felt great but just couldn't let go of chocolate…  organic beautiful 70% dark chocolate! I have a couple of squares daily before or after lunch, get a great pick me up, *smile* and carry on with my day ;)

Why do you DO what you DO?
I believe in the connection of health and happiness! 
Through my personal experience of seeing how food can heal the body and how focusing on the positive can heal the mind and bring on happiness and a true transformation ~ I want to help others see this connection too.

In the past year I have really focused on developing healthy recipes that truly nurture and heal the body.

I’m happy to announce that my first E-Book called Healthy Holidays is being launched this Friday – it’s filled with 15 healthy delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free recipes that everyone (even carnivores) will love! And it’s Free for a limited time just in time for the Holiday season.

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  1. My sweet Michelle, thank you so much for this great interview! ;D
    I had a lot of fun here on your blog in the spotlight ~ thank YOU!
    Sending big hugs to you from Canada ;)

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